How much should I pay for a 3D Rendering?


Prices for 3D rendering services vary greatly, as does the quality of the services provided.
If you require a fairly simple photo realistic render, and you are happy that is includes standard models and textures a prices of around USD 400-600 is realistic.

If you require a photo realistic render with bespoke models and finishes you can expect to pay more. Price of up to USD1700 are not uncommon. You can contact us.

Prices are effectively determined by how much time it will take the designer to build the model and create the render. Complex designs with many bespoke elements will therefore always cost more.
However, multiple images of the same room (covering different angles) should be achievable for relatively little extra cost, as the designer does not have to create everything from scratch.

The price will also depend on the service you require. If you are a designer yourself and have already created the design and have a clear brief you can give to the 3D designer, this will save time and you can expect to pay just for a 3D rendering service. If, you need assistance with the design itself you can expect to pay extra for the design as well as the rendering. Again, it comes down to the amount of work and time your job will take.