What To Expect From a 3D Rendering Specialist?


3D rendering companies and specialists can create photo-realistic images of products, buildings and scenes from scratch. This means all elements, including textures and finishes have to be created in order to create the final image.

Generally 3D designers will follow a brief or design given to them by their customer to create a photo-realistic image. They will carefully follow the design provided to ensure the final image closely resembles what the designer or client had in mind.

However, in many instances clients are not able to give a detailed brief, and may require help to develop the design and specify all the elements required to create the final 3D render. When this is the case, it is necessary to use a 3D specialist that also has design experience and can effectively help with creating the design before the 3D rendering process can begin. When this help is required it is considered more a “design and render” job, rather than simply a 3D rendering job.

The key difference between 3D Rendering and 3D Design and Render is the amount of work the 3D designer has to do to develop the design before he or she can begin to create the 3D image.

To determine which service you require, consider if you are able to give the 3D rendering specialist a detailed brief outlining all elements in your desired image. For example when briefing a 3D render of an interior scene, can you clearly tell the designer which materials to use on the floor, walls, furniture, curtains, etc.? Can you provide designs or photos of all the elements in the room, such as furniture, light-fittings, accessories etc.? If you are not able to provide all this detail, it is likely you will need some help to first specify these details. In this case, it would be wise to use a 3D specialist than can help with this.
If you require help with creating the design, it is usual the designer will charge more, as it will be more time-consuming for them – you are effectively paying for the design as well as the 3D image.