Can you save money on 3D rendering without sacrificing quality? Let us share the secret with you.


If you are already a user of CGI’s for architectural visuals, interior design or product shots, you’ve possibly experienced some mixed results. And some fairly eye-watering invoices.

And if you haven’t yet commissioned a 3D render, you could be forgiven for feeling a little apprehensive. It can be a complex and demanding process, but worth it because the results are spectacular when everything goes right.

Some large companies have solved the problem by throwing money at it. Investing in sophisticated software and putting their own skilled 3D renderers on the payroll.

As an alternative, we have devised a practical solution that delivers 3D rendering that can meet the highest international standards at surprisingly affordable prices

Our hybrid solution: Chinese rendering expertise meets hands-on British design and project management.

Of course there are top 3D rendering studios producing fine CGIs in Britain, the US and Australia, but the best are certainly not cheap. How can they be when they pay rents and salaries in cities like London or Los Angeles or Sydney?

But did you know that some of the world’s best 3D rendering designers are working in countries like China and India, where overheads are a fraction of the cost? If only you had enough time and frequent flier miles to manage them, think of the budget you could save.

Although, of course, it isn’t just geographical separation that can makes long distance working relationships less effective. There is also the problem of different cultural norms and possible communication barriers that must be successfully managed to ensure your requirements are understood and your expectations are met.

Well we have thought of that at 3D Boffin. Claire Taylor, our British founder and Creative Director, not only has a background in interior design but is also resident in Shenzhen, China’s fastest growing IT and high tech hub, where she manages our in-house team of professional 3D rendering designers.

Claire provides hands-on customer service for every one of our clients. This is why 3D Boffin can offer you direct access to impressive Asian 3D rendering skills with minimal risk and without any cultural barriers.

How clear communications and a disciplined 3-step approach deliver success.

Step 1. Get it right from the start. Most CGI’s that end badly start off badly. Our highly skilled designers can deliver exactly what you want – as long as they understand exactly what it is. We will clarify the brief with you and make sure that they do. Furthermore, the tighter the brief, the accurate the final 3D rendering will be. Don’t be surprised if we ask you for additional information along the way.

Step 2. Keep the client in the loop. Claire is your sole contact throughout the 3D rendering process and will liaise with you and incorporate your feedback through every step of the process, enabling you to make changes at any time.

Step 3. Follow a proven and logical workflow process..

Once the brief has been finalised, 3D Boffin follows a logical, disciplined four step process from basic modeling to fine tuning lighting, textures and colours and, lastly, adding extras such as people and streetscapes to add the final layer of realism.

As a result, our clients enjoy the best of both worlds. Very competitively priced, high quality Chinese 3D rendering skills with professional British project management and no language or communications problems. That’s just about as close as you can get to an ideal world.