Our 3d renders aren't s just as good as a photograph They're usually better.  

3d Renders aren’t just as good as a photograph, they’re usually better


If you’re still relying on flat, two dimensional drawings to sell your design ideas, you could be selling your own creativity short.

At 3D Boffin we know that good design visualisation can look just as realistic as a
photograph of any structure, room or object that is yet to be built or created.
In fact, here are just some of the important advantages of using a 3D rendering to help
communicate your ideas.

1. A super realistic presentation for clients and stakeholders.
Thanks to computer generated imagery (CGI) architects, interior designers, property developers, product designers and manufacturers can get a very accurate idea of how the concept will look before a single foundation has been poured or prototype commissioned.  A drawing is simply a drawing, a model will
always look like a model, but a 3D Boffin rendering has the credibility
of a photograph of the completed project, as well as enabling walk throughs and flyovers
that bring projects to life.

  1. Accurate detail, without sacrificing flexibility.
    Thanks to our talented designers we make concrete look like concrete,
    leather look like leather, carpet look like carpet and textiles look like textiles. Even our
    humans actually look human. We create textures, lighting and fittings with the detailed
    credibility of a photograph, yet we also have the graphic artist’s flexibility to exaggerate an
    angle or highlight a detail to bring your idea to life. That’s important because the human eye
    is not a camera. Your eye has the ability to shift perspective and focus as your head moves to provide a more complex visual impression.  At 3D Boffin we can create the same complex
  2. Think off the money you can save.
    No expensive photo shoots, retouching or post-production work required. And you end up with an illustration that is so close to the reality you envisage, you can use it all the way from concept presentation to sales brochure and PR. We can even drop the new design straight into the
    current location absolutely seamlessly. And because we keep you in the loop all the
    way from the original briefing to the end result, it is easy and inexpensive to change the design, substitute colours, finishes, materials or furnishings throughout the project.

Three dimensional rendering is no longer an expensive luxury.
Today, 3DBoffin™ makes 3d rendering, walk throughs and flyovers very affordable by combining
talented Chinese technicians with British design and project management expertise. You deal with a native English speaker who understands your business and looks over the shoulder of the tech team throughout the project. And as a result you receive top class 3D rendering at a very affordable price. Please contact Claire@3dboffin.com for a cost estimate that will surprise you.